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Water Scarcity affects Elgon landslide resettlement victims

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Some of the beneficiaries of an Elgon region resettlement programme have complained of water shortage in their new homes.

A 70 year old wilson Magomu says he and his wife now have to pay someone to collect water for them because they are too weak to go a long distance in search of water.

Woniala Charles Kaloli another resident says some older persons and women who cannot handle the long distances searching for water have been forced to secretly return to their ancestral lands.

In 2018, government launched a resettlement programme for mudslide victims across Elgon region.

This was in response to the frequent mudslides and their subsequent fatalities.

The plan envisaged to establish 900 houses to resettle affected families in Bunambutye Subcounty, Bulambuli district.

 So far 250 families have been resettled.