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UNRA attempts to restore the Mbale-Busamaga-Bufumbo bridge

Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

The Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) is attempting to restore the Mbale-Busamaga-Bufumbo bridge after four months of not being motorable.

The bridge was washed away by torrential rains in August after River Nabuyonga burst its banks, leaving 29 people dead and about 1,500 displaced.

However, four days after its completion, it collapsed again, leaving locals and leaders furious as they accused Unra of corruption and poor workmanship.

Mr Hassan Nazeba, a resident and opinion leader, said he advised Unra officials, who were restoring it, not to use culverts and soil on an overflowing river but they were adamant.

Mr Nazeba explained the previous governments in the 1960s had better engineers unlike today where culverts that are supposed to be installed at low points on the road, are instead being used to act as bridges.

While Unra public relations officer Allan Ssempebwa acknowledged the bridge collapse, he assured residents that restoration works were ongoing.

Mr Abdallah Magambo, the Mbale City deputy speaker and councillor representing the affected area, said Unra should be tasked to explain why the bridge broke down a week after completion.

Mr Magambo, who supervised the construction of the bridge, claimed that Unra altered the designs for selfish reasons, an allegation its officials denied.

Mbale-Bufumbo is among the bridges that locals had for long tasked the government to restore to ease movement.