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Ugandan woman jumps off building and dies in Dubai

By Melanie Aanyu,

A Ugandan woman identified as Monic Karungi, 24 has jumped off a tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and died.
The 24-year-old who has been running a number of social media platforms under the names Mona Kizz was according to a viral video on social media seen hanging through the window of the sky scrapper for a few minutes before releasing herself and falling with a sickening thud.

While it is not clear if she is the one in the video, several social media reports indicate that Karungi who has been living a high-end socialite life in Dubai according to the content shared by her committed suicide by jumping off the Al-Fahad Building in Dubai.
It is not clear why Karungi decided to end her own life.

A number of friends and close associates have mourned Karungi on social media, saying she has left them “confused, hurting and questioning why.”

Others have attributed her death to depression.
According to her passport info , Karungi was born in Isingiro District, Western Uganda.