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Uganda Muslim Supreme Council set for polls after ammending constitution

Bethel | 95timefm

By Afayo Shadrach Bethel

The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC will go to the polls after amending the constitution.

On Wednesday, the UMSC general assembly, the council’s top decision organ, finalized scrutinizing and approving the amended constitution which is supposed to be followed while electing new Muslim local leaders right from the mosque level to the next UMSC general assembly.

Ashraf Zziwa the UMSC spokesperson, noted that the general assembly elected Omar Muhammad Weswa as the UMSC Electoral Commission chairperson adding that the assembly also elected ten other commissions drawing one from each Muslim region.

The UMSC elections, which were initially scheduled for March-May, didn’t take place due to the lack of funds and delayed completion of the constitutional review process. The leadership at Old Kampala decided to postpone dates for existing meetings of different committees and general assembly to allow the conclusion of the drafting of the amended constitution and also mobilize funds.