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U.B.O.S Officials Tasked To Explain Uganda’s Middle-income Status

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm


Members of Parliament on the Committee of Human Rights have tasked the officials from Uganda Bureau of Statistics to explain how they concluded that Uganda had attained a middle-income status.

The statistics body led by James Muwonge, the Director of Methodology and Statistics was yesterday appearing before the committee to answer to considerations of the Human Rights Annual Report for 2018 to 2021.

Muwonge was however, tasked by members to explain why their declaration of middle-income status was not accepted by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Dodoth West MP, Ben Koryang tasked UBOS to explain why they misled the President and how they arrived at declaring the country as having attained middle income.

Muwonge however, said that they did not mislead the president, but used the Gross Domestic Product to arrive at the declaration, while the IMF and World Bank used Gross National Product.