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Two year old dies after locking self in car

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Bweyogerere police has opened up an inquiry into how a 2-year-old boy, Kevin Murungi, died after reportedly locking himself inside an abandoned vehicle together with his 5-year-old friend, Patrick Miracle.

Murungi’s mother, Annet Mukisa, a resident of Kikajjo zone, Bweyogerere division, Kira Municipality, says that the minors were last seen around 10 am Tuesday playing in their compound.
She explained that the boys disappeared when she was doing house chores and her efforts to search for them yielded nothing.

She said that as they were still puzzled about the whereabouts of the boys, Miracle returned around 8 am Wednesday struggling to walk and speak. The parents asked him where he had left his colleague and he informed them that he was sleeping inside a car.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, said they cannot pinpoint the exact cause of Murungi’s death because they haven’t got the postmortem results.