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Twenty-two people die after eating wild cassava.


By Afayo Shadrach Bethel

At least twenty-two people have died in Kalemalera village, Kacheri sub-county in Kotido district after eating wild cassava. The victims started dying last week.

The majority of these are children below five years and elderly persons aged 70-years and above. Julius Lokoru, a resident of Kalemalera village says that after eating the wild plants, which resemble cassava, the victims became weak but didnt bother to seek medical attention.

Lokoru explains that even when the victims started dying, no one got concerned because their death was blamed on hunger.

Maria Naduk, who lost her child says it was very difficult to tell whether it was the wild cassava causing the death or hunger because people were dying even before they ate the wild plant.

Naduk blamed the loss of lives on the hunger crisis that has forced people to chew whatever they think can help them gain energy.