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Three drown in artificial well on boxing day

Bethel | 95timefm


Police in Koboko district are investigating an incident in which three people drowned in an artificial water well known as shadoof and died there.

This occurred yesterday, at Grina Gardens Hotel located in Lipa cell, Mengo ward, south division, Koboko Municipality, Koboko district.

According to West Nile regional police, it’s alleged that the three men drowned in a shallow well at the said hotel while trying to pump water to the tank using a generator.

The regional police spokesperson Josephine Angucia said that when police got this information from the chef at the hotel, a team of police officers rushed to the scene, cordoned it off before the community and proprietor of the hotel joined the police rescue team to retrieve the three bodies.

Angucia advised people who own such artificial water wells in their compounds to be careful with them in order to prevent such deadly accidents.