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Ten Perish In Mbale Floods On Their Way For An Introduction Ceremony

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Ten people among the 20 who have been confirmed dead by Police in Mbale city floods were travelling to an introduction party in kabwagasi, Butebo District, the bridegroom has revealed.

The deceased were travelling in a super custom taxi number Plate, UAW 334X when heavy floods swept it off Nabuyoga Bridge plunging it into Nabuyoga River on Saturday night, just a half a kilo meter away from Mbale city center on Mbale Kumi road.

All the deceased were coming from kitezi, Gayaza in Kampala city, according to be bridegroom to be who painfully watched as the deceased were being retrieved from a car wreckage this morning, one by one.

Mr Hussein Kasadha,the bridegroom to be watched helplessly todays morning when one by one, the body of his best man to be, clerics and family friends bodies were retrieved from the car wreckage from the river.

He says the introduction has been called off.

He however did not divulge into details of names of the deceased.

He says he arrived first from Kampala so that he can book for them a guesthouse in the next town in Nakaloke town council, just 3km away from Mbale town.

“When I arrived, the weather was calm, just drizzles, there was no sign of heavy rains “he says.

He adds that he had agreed with them to come first so that he can book a guesthouse for them

“We agreed with them that I would come first before them so that i can book where we shall spend a night, I arrived at 10pm that fateful night, and we kept in touch with them throughout the journey”

He however says when he last talked to them at around 3am, they said they were approaching Mbale city.

He says when he called back at around 3-30am, all their phones were off.

“They called and I told them, I had already booked the guesthouse and I was waiting for them on the road side, called back at around 3:30am, all their phones were off and I got worried “he says.

Adding” I thought maybe their batteries were off, only to hear in the morning that people had died in river Nabuyoga”

He says he noticed the car by number plate because they had told him only the first digits, the car was just hired.

He says among the dead, 3 family members,(2 brothers and a sister),his best man ,3 cleric members, two of his neighbors and one driver.