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Student goes blind during UCE Maths paper

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Officials from Uganda National Examination Board (Uneb) were yesterday- tuesday Oct 18, shocked after they received reports that a candidate in northern Uganda was unable to complete her Mathematics exams after she mysteriously went blind.

The student (name withheld), a candidate at Kitgum Comprehensive College, reportedly went blind a few hours upon entering the examination hall on Monday.

Senior Four candidates started their Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations on Monday, with Mathematics Paper One in the morning and Paper Two in the evening.

In an interview with the media yesterday, Uneb spokesperson Jenipher Kalule said the candidate reportedly went blind one and a half hours after she started her first paper.

She explained that when the invigilators approached the student in question, she claimed that she had started experiencing loss of sight and she could no longer see what she was writing.