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Striking medical workers get support

Melanie Aanyu

The president of the Uganda Medical Association has expressed support for medical workers who have taken industrial action, accusing the government of not creating a safe working environment for them to handle the ongoing Ebola outbreak.

Dr Sam Oledo, the president of the professional grouping of all medical workers in the country says that while doctors are dedicated to keep offering care, they need to be safe first.

At least seven medical workers have potentially been exposed to the virus.

Dr Oledo added that the striking interns need to be assured of a risk allowance.

He also said that the Ebola hot spots should be put under quarantine to avoid further spread.

He argued that the government needs to allocate resources to take care of staff recruitment, because hospitals in the areas facing the outbreak have very lean staff, adding, “let there be a structure for disease and epidemic control in hospitals. There should be teams which are consistently there in case of an outbreak.”

An outbreak of the Ebola Sudan strain was declared in the central region of the country last week. At least 36 cases have been recorded, 23 of which ended in death.