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Street Vendors And Hawkers Not To Be Permitted On Kampala Streets

Bethel | 95timefm

By Afayo Shadrach Bethel

Street hawkers and merchants will not be permitted to reappear on the city’s streets, according to Dr. Dorothy Kisaka, executive director of the Kampala City Authority.

As an alternative, Kisaka stated that KCCA would find vendor spaces outside of the city so that they could relocate there.

The KCCA executive director made these statements during an appearance on a Television talkshow yesterday .

She asserted that because the KCCA is designing a smart city, merchants and hawkers cannot be permitted to operate everywhere, like they did before being forcibly removed off the streets.

The executive director of the KCCA expressed her extreme optimism that her plans for a smart city will come to fruition because everyone she has spoken to has been supportive of them.