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Stakeholders Call For Tougher Punishments Against Human Trafficking

Bethel | 95timefm

By Afayo Shadrach Bethel

Stakeholders have reiterated the need to make human trafficking a risky venture for anyone to invest in, as one of the best ways to curb the vice.

They say there is need for concerted efforts to ensure anyone who wants to participate in human trafficking thinks twice before joining the business, adding that this can be done through harsh punishments to offenders.

The State Minister for Works, Musa Ecweru says human trafficking is real and not something imagined, noting that many Ugandans and people around the world have fallen victim to the vice.

He however said the temptation for people to join human trafficking is high due to its profitability.

The chairperson of the board of directors at the Coalition Against Trafficking in Persons in Uganda Dr.Annete Kirabira adds that whereas technology has been of great importance to mankind, it has on the other side been used to fuel crime like human trafficking.

She explained that many victims of human trafficking are targeted and recruited via social media and online dating platforms where personal information and details of people’s locations are readily available.