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Sebei asks Ruto presidency to improve roads

By: Michael Woniala

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Resident’s of Sebei Sub region have expressed an enormous amount of hope and large expectations following the swearing in of William Ruto as kenya’s fifth president.

There was excitement and Jubilation across sebei subregion as President Samoel Ruto ascensded to the most top seat of presidency in the land this week.

The Sabiny living predominantly in the districts of Kapchorwa, Bukwo and Kween are ethinically related to the Kalenjin community where Ruto hails from.

Mr.Geofrey Chelogoi,the chairperson Kween District says they have high expectations from Ruto’s presidency as sebei because even before he became president,he had been helping them in developmental issues, because he had already set up Schools and health centers .

He says the most critical of the their needs is improvement in infrastructure of the roads because they are predominantly farmers and their roads are in terrible State”

“We are still battling with so many issues,we are still lacking behind in terms of infrastructure,we are sure now that he is in powerWe have a potential of Atheletes bringing more medals if we improve on the roads”

Ms Everlyne Chebet Kubarika, Chairperson Kapchorwa District says the sabinys in Uganda are very few and one of their own ascending to power in Kenya comes with Alot of inspiration

“We are very few as kalengin in Uganda and our hopes are very few of presidency in Uganda and there for if we see Ruto being president,we are very happy as a community”

Adding that business is going to be boosted and travelling is going to become easy.

Mr.Tom.Chesol,former RDC, kapchorwa says Ruto’s presidency is going to come with enormous business opportunities for the people.He says farmers from sebei depend more on agricultural inputs in Kenya.