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School inspectors accuse UNEB of examination leakages

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

A section of school inspectors have accused the Uganda National Examination Board-UNEB of masterminding examination leakage and fueling malpractices.

While the examinations body and the Ministry of Education blamed the school inspectors for supporting examination fraud, the inspectors say that most of the leakages come from within.

The most common forms of examination fraud include access to examination papers, issue spotting, external assistance, and the use of technological tools to smuggle content into examination rooms.

UNEB chairperson Prof Mary Okwakol says that such practices occur at the operation level where the inspectors are in charge of the process and adds that unless checked, the practices dent education assessment and compromise the authenticity and credibility of examinations.

UNEB Executive Director Dan Odongo says that the board has learnt that inspectors connive with the distributors to compromise the distribution process, especially among urban schools even though incidences of tampering with exam papers during distribution are primarily reported in rural areas.

However, Oyam district inspector of schools Janet Achol notes that while certain inspectors may be complicit in supporting examination fraud, there are allegations that some schools access the papers long before the examinations, a practice which cannot be possible without the involvement of UNEB officials.