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Residents of Bugema Town Council Appeal to Authorities for More Security Lights

By Melanie Aanyu,

Residents of Nauyuo-Bugema Town Council industrial division in Mbale city have appealed to authorities to help them install more security lights in their area saying the lights previously installed by the division are not enough to provide light in the whole area.

Wasubiira Abudu, a business man selling shoes on one of the streets of Nauyo says, due to darkness in the evening hours, they are forced to close their businesses since criminals use the darkness to their advantage and rob them.

According to Jane Namunyo, a resident of the same area. Electric power goes off whenever it rains which in turn serves as a chance for robbers to distablize the area.

Magona Alex, the chairperson LC1 of Bunamwai cell Nauyo-Bugema Town Council has requested the Government to add them more security lights to help solve their grieviances.

Kyasangu David , the Town clerk Mbale City, says that they have plans to set up securitylights, construct better Roads, install water among others.