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Private schools reject new school fees policy

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Private schools owners across the country have rejected the planned government school fees regulation policy that, if approved by Cabinet, will block them and their opposite members from government-aided schools from charging beyond set caps.

Addressing journalists at their offices in Kampala yesterday, Mr Hasadu Kirabira, the chairperson of the National Private Education Institution Association (NPEIA), said if left unchecked, the policy will push private proprietors out of business.

Mr Kirabira added that whereas the government-aided schools are highly subsidised by the government, either through salary payments, tax waivers or infrastructural development, private schools are technically on their own.

He further proffered that regulating fees the private schools charge makes no sense, especially since some of the government-aided schools slap their pupils with higher bills. 

The Schools Fees Regulation Policy, which is still being considered, sets the minimum and maximum schools fees and requirements all schools should follow. Failure to adhere to set standards attracts a fine between Shs1 million and Shs20 million or a one-year imprisonment.

According to the policy , schools are slated to charge at least Shs260,000 or at most Shs1.6 million, depending on the nature of the schools, location, staff salaries, feeding of learners and administration costs, among others.