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President Museveni proposes ban on travel abroad by MPs

Bethel | 95timefm


President Museveni has threatened to place ban on travel abroad by Members of Parliament and civil servants to save money for other priority sectors.

While commissioning facilities at Uganda Petroleum Institute-Kigumba in Kiryandongo District on Saturday, Mr Museveni was not happy to learn that the institute does not have enough funding to become a fully-fledged institute yet money keeps being wasted on unnecessary travels abroad by government officials.

He bashed the Finance ministry officials for failing to prioritise the most important sectors such as oil and gas that will generate billions of money for the economy and asked them to ban travel abroad as well as internal allowances.

Mr Museveni said he was informed that even before the oil starts flowing, the oil companies are going to invest Shs54.7 trillion in Uganda and out of that, 40 percent will remain in the country