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President Museveni calls for Prosperity and Security in Africa

By Melanie Aanyu,

President Museveni has said prosperity for the people and building strategic security are at the heart of their mission for Uganda and Africa.

The President, who is also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, made the remarks while delivering a lecture on opportunity to officers from the Tanzanian National Defence College, who are on a tour of duty in the country.

The opportunity lecture took place at the President’s country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura District.

Mr Museveni welcomed them to Uganda and gave them a brief history of Uganda, which he said had collapsed completely politically and economically, until it was rescued by the freedom fighters in 1986.

The President said as freedom fighters, they formed two missions; one of building prosperity and another of building strategic security.

Stressing his point, Mr Museveni added that when you have a producer and a consumer, then you will need infrastructure such as roads and electricity to enable products reach the consumer.

He emphasised that Uganda and Africa must change from the traditional ways of creating wealth to modern ways of using machine power and science.