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Poor eyesight one of the causes of accidents on Ugandan roads

Bethel | 95timefm


Experts have warned that poor eyesight for drivers is escalating the problem of accidents on Ugandan roads, urging that unless this is corrected, the country will continue experiencing crashes.

The annual police crime and traffic report indicated that in 2021 alone, over 17,000 road accidents were reported , an increase of 42% from the 12,000 reported the previous year and these saw 4159 people die on Ugandan roads.

But, according to Oliver Mwanko Wambile, the public relations and communications officer for Lapaire East Africa, 23% of drivers, or almost one-quarter, have trouble seeing effectively owing to eyesight issues while on the road.

According to Wambile, whereas there is a phrase, “keep your eyes on the road”, many drivers take its significance for granted.