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Police Instructed To Prevent Unlawful Assemblies Around The Country

Bethel | 95timefm

By Melanie Aanyu

Police have been instructed to prevent any unlawful assemblies around the country.
The police spokesperson Fred Enanga in a security press briefing in Kampala said the directorate of crime intelligence working with other stakeholders have picked credible information of plans by selected groups and individuals to hold unlawful processions and assemblies as a way of expressing discontent against the surge in commodity prices and fuel.

Enanga said police had been instructed not to allow unlawful assemblies protesting the prevailing economic challenges because the protests maybe used as cover to incite violence.

He urged event organisers planning to hold any processions in the country to notify the police about their meetings.

Enanga pointed out that if organisers work with the police, their activities shall be regulated but those who want to work outside the law will definitely suffer consequences.