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Police arrest three over toture

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Three parents in Apac district are in police custody for torturing their children over food. The suspects are Kenneth Okello, Nelson Ogwang, and his wife Collin Aol.

Kenneth Okello, a resident of Ajodoko ‘B’ cell, Alworoceng parish is accused of burning his six-year-old son, Rogers Acama for allegedly eating his vegetables. According to the police, Okello covered the minor with dry grass fastened with a rope, and pushed him into the fire.

Nelson Ogwang and his wife Collin Aol are also accused of tying up 8-year-old Justine Adoko for eating fish that had been prepared for his father.

 Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson, says that the suspects are locked up at Apac Central Police Station and the victims will be subjected to medical tests before their files are sent to the Resident State Attorney.

Okema, who described the incidences as “unfortunate” asked parents to take good care and protect their children from such abuses