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NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi lashes out at MPs who took Shs40 M

Bethel | 95timefm

By Afayo Shadrach Bethel

The leader of the National Unity Platform Robert Kyagulanyi has lashed out at the NUP Members of Parliament who went ahead and took shs 40 million that was given to them by Parliament.
Last month, NUP directed its MPs to return the Shs 40 million which was advanced to them by Parliament for unknown reasons.
Kyagulanyi made the remarks while attending the Duwa of the late Serubogo Muhammad, the former LCV Chairperson of Kayunga District.
In his message to the people of Kayunga, Kyagulanyi said some leaders have deviated from the reasons they were elected, adding that most of them have forgotten their mandate as leaders.
On the Shs40m that was given to MPs, including those from NUP, as a token of appreciation for passing a supplementary budget, Kyagulanyi said those from NUP who took the money betrayed their voters and they will one day be accountable.