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NFA evicts 100 households in Kole District

By Melanie Aanyu,

More than 100 households have been left homeless after they were forcibly evicted by the National Forestry Authority (NFA) from a 391-acre piece of land in Kole District.

The disputed land covers Bung, Okabo and Lela villages in Ilera Parish in Ayer Sub-county.

The government agency allocated the land to private tree planters.

Residents allege that the eviction was done in disregard of a temporary court injunction instituted by the High Court in Lira in 2019.

The court had restrained the forestry body or its agents from carrying out any evictions until the main suit is disposed of.

The NFA maintains that the affected households encroached on a forest reserve, which was gazetted in 1958 by the British colonial administration.

In her affidavit , Ms Jacqueline Namuddu, a lawyer from the NFA legal department, said residents allegedly encroached on the forest reserve.

She said in 2018, a series of meetings were held with local leaders and it was agreed that the boundary of Ilera Central Forest Reserve be redemarcated.