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New Year Celebration’s: Police issue tough guidelines to be followed

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Police have issued tough guidelines that will be followed by 1430 venues cleared to display fireworks during New Year ’s Day celebrations on December 31 across the country.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said only licensed contractors under the Explosive Act will be alive to take charge of the displaying of the fireworks and should follow the standard procedure.

He said police commanders have been urged to look out for organisers who set off fireworks outside the permitted times which can be dangerous to the public but also closely monitor those allowed to display fireworks to ensure there is no disregard for the standard procedure.

He said at their discretion, the commanders have the authority to suspend or terminate the display of fireworks due to weather or other grounds deemed unsafe to members of the public.

According to the police spokesperson, the display contractor will also be required to carry out an onsite safety assessment and shall supply 10 fire extinguishers properly tagged and functioning for use in any mishap of fire outbreak during the fireworks display.

The contractors will also set up employing methods for interrupting firing in case of any unforeseen danger.
Police said venues cleared to display fireworks should inform neighbors of the impending display through the media and local authorities to ensure they are aware of what is to happen