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NEMA bans crude waragi distillation in Mbale

Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

National Environmental Management Authority – NEMA has banned crude waragi distillation at Musoto, a Mbale City suburb located at Industrial Division.

NEMA has embarked on the restoration of the wetlands which have been encroached on.

The operation also follows a series of meetings with waragi distillers and local leaders on how the waste could be managed.

Charles Wakube, the Mbale District Environmental Officer who led the NEMA team yesterday, Thursday 22nd September, 2022 said that the molasses that are dumped in river Nashibiso and Namatala are poisonous to aquatic life and the environment thereby negatively impacting on the environment and its users.

The rivers are the major sources of water for farming and domestic use in Mbale and Budaka district’s .

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Denis Pahani, the Northern City Police Commander Mbale , who led the operation revealed that they will arrest anyone who defies the directive.

Alex Mafabi an area resident said the pollution is risking their lives and could make them sick.

“Most of us rely on Nashibiso river for domestic use and yet the water is not safe anymore we might just fall sick or die, if the crude waragi distillers insist on their business “

Annet Nandutu a distiller said NEMA should have given them a considerable amount of time to be able to plan their next move better since most of them rely on the business to survive.

“ It’s through this business that I have been able to feed my children and pay their school fees..”