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Native doctor commits suicide in butaleja district

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

A native doctor in Butaleja District has reportedly committed suicide after his wife married another man.

Bukedi regional police spokesperson Moses Mugwe said that the territorial police in Butaleja are investigating circumstances under which a one Joseph Mwigo committed suicide as was allegedly reported by Ahmed Kambo Umoja,.

Preliminary police investigations suggest that the deceased 38-yer-old man, having had domestic problems with his wife, drowned himself in the fishpond of Ahmed Kambo Umoja on Tuesday.

Police told journalists that Mwigo who also became visually impaired over a year ago had been threatening to commit suicide.

Mwigo was a resident of Nandahabi Cell, Busolwe central ward in Busolwe Town council, Butaleja District.

A neighbor who requested not to be named in the story, said: “The spiritual leader was much depressed when his wife found another man.”

The remains of the deceased were retrieved from the pond on January 24.

Mwigo’s body was later on Tuesday conveyed to Mbale City mortuary for post-mortem.