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Mufti fires northern regional kadhi

By. Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje has sacked Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Hussein, the northern region assistant to the Mufti for alleged incompetence and appointed Sheikh Musa Khalil in an acting capacity.

Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, who was on an official tour in the Lango region on Monday noted that Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Hussein has not been actively involved in developing and uniting the Muslim community in Lango.

He accused Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Hussein of mismanaging Muslim properties in Lango thus causing more confusion other than promoting development, peace, love, and unity which are the core objectives of his tenure as the Mufti.

Hajj Ramathan Mugalu, the UMSC General Secretary explained that the council has lost a lot of properties because of leaders who work for their selfish gains. He then tasked the Lango Muslim Council to nominate trusted leaders for the forthcoming elections.