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Ministry of Education rejects move by schools to break off for non – candidate classes

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

The Ministry of Education and Sports has rejected a move by several schools to break off for non-candidate classes during PLE.

Several schools mainly in urban centres, had sent out circulars asking parents with learners in the boarding section to pick non-candidates in order to provide the candidates with enough space and environment during the exams.

The schools had indicated that the half term would run from November 4-13. For some schools, this was a decision taken at the beginning of the term while others informed parents during the visitation days.

However, in a circular issued to all head teachers, the acting Permanent Secretary Ismael Mulindwa, said that the move by the schools is against the recently issued standard operating procedures.

Mulindwa rather asked the head teachers to reconsider the decision and instead make plans to occupy the students in the boarding section for the two days of the exam.

Filbert Baguma, the UNATU Secretary General says the proposed half term is another opportunity for private schools to cheat parents and learners. Baguma adds that it has become common practice for schools to ignore guidelines and amend the school calendar as they wish.