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Minister Haruna Kyeyune tips monthly salary earners

By Melanie Aanyu,

The State Minister in charge of Microfinance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has asked monthly salary earners to start side businesses that bring in income on a daily basis.

Speaking to beneficiaries in Kasese as he continues to monitor the performance of Emyooga program in Rwenzori region, Kasolo said it is high time Ugandans embraced the saving culture but noted salary earners ought to think outside the box.

Minister Kasolo explained that by starting side daily income businesses, salary earners can ably benefit from Emyooga program when they join saccos that are in with their businesses.

He said this not only helps them to save, but also to get cheap credit from their own saccos to inject in their businesses.

The minister however emphasized the idea of saving, challenging the people to always save first before spending money earned.

He said money saved benefits more people than one spent on leisure and pleasure.