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Mbale Regional Referral Hospital Hit with Insufficient Bed Capacity

By Melanie Aanyu,

Mbale Regional referral hospital is currently facing challenges of accommodating expectant mothers with preeclampsia diseases due to insufficiency of beds.

Preeclampsia is one high blood pressure (hypertension) disorder that can occur during pregnancy. Other disorders can happen, too: Gestational hypertension is high blood pressure that begins after 20 weeks without problems in the kidneys or other organs.

Some women with gestational hypertension may develop preeclampsia.

Emmanuel Tugayinayo the Director Mbale Regional Referral Hospital said this over the weekend during celebrations to mark the international preeclampsia day under the theme “screen, act early.”

According to Tugayinayo, the hospital has only 50 beds in the ward where mothers with Preeclampsia are admitted yet they receive over 40 patients on a daily basis with such related disease.

He added that Mbale main referral hospital receives 10,000 expectant mothers in a year whereby 400 are tested positive with preeclampsia disease.