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Mbale City Council staff restructured

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

After the recent restructuring and the postings of division town clerks and other staff within the the city, the longest the deputy town clerk, Kenneth Khatuli Woniaye has now been appointed by the center as the division city clerk and is awaiting posting instructions.

The development follows a Mbale city council staff meeting that was convened today by the City Clerk Amos Ocen where a number of changes have been made in various in administrative positions affecting some staff.

According to the changes Mr.Ambros Ocen is now the City Clerk and is being retained in Mbale City Council while Dr.Allan Mulyanyuma former town Clerk  Nakaloke has been moved to Northern City division as the division city clerk,kasim wabonga formerly Town Clerk Nauyo,Bugema town council has now been moved to acting City division Clerk for industrial city division.

Robert wambedde formerly town clerk of Industrial city division is now moving to the mbale city council as the Assitant Deputy town Clerk where he will be deputising Mr.Amos Ocen and Maloma Micheal  former city principal commercial officer has been  moved to northern city division as the divison treasurer among others.

Mr James Kutosi the Public relations Officer Mbale City council this afternoon told time fm that those who have been moved have been asked to have a plan for the first 100 days in office as they they get started with their work.

Kutosi also says the changes take immediate effect,urging them to put emphasis on revenue collection and Garbage management in the the city.

He said the new entrants should commit themselves to serve the people in line with their roles.