95 Time FM is Mbale City’s Number One hit station blazing hits and sing along songs from the 90s and today. It is a youthful urban radio Station that broadcasts its content in English live from the heart of Mbale City. Though primarily a music station, 95 TIME FM also delivers credible and unbiased news reporting that keeps its listeners involved and informed.

95 Time FM is well positioned as a primary vehicle to reach the growing urban population of Mbale City. The Station is influential in driving the habits of its listeners as an extension of their lifestyle. It is a mentor and guide for the residents of Mbale City that embrace a pragmatic and aspirational life.

The radio station strives to reconcile traditional values with the freedom to revel in the modern world and is committed to providing psycho-social enrichment for its audiences. 95 Time FM’s footprint and progressive audience profile offers advertisers a cost effective medium to reach a quality bankable audience.