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Leaders in bugisu sub region resolve to close offices rival cultural heads

By : Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Local Council Five Chairpersons from six districts at Bugisu region have resolved to close two offices occupied by the two purported cultural leaders of Masaba Cultural Institution.

The resolution was arrived at during a consultative meeting held at Mbale district head offices located at Malukhu in Mbale city over the weekend.

Mike Mudoma the purported  truly elected Masaba cultural leader has for two years now been operating from former Bungokho-Mutoto sub county offices while, John Amuram Wagabyalile, another claimant operates from Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu, Industrial city division in Mbale city.

According to the ministry of Gender, Labor Social Development, so far there is no cultural leader in Masaba until the two rival factions agree on one person before the government can gazette one.

Muhamed Mafabi the LCV chairperson of Mbale district said that they have unanimously resolved to close both offices effective today Monday (24th October, 2022) since both have occupied them illegally according to government.

Kosea Kimono Kigai, the LCV chairperson of Manafwa district also the chairperson of LCV chairpersons at Bugisu said that the ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, religious leaders and stakeholders have on several occasions engaged the two such that one can leave leadership for the other in vain.

Isaac Katenya the MP for Bulambuli county in Bulambuli district also says that they have instructed the police to implement the resolutions by arresting any purported cultural leader who will defy the resolutions by continuing to operate from these offices which have been closed.