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Kibuku District leaders oppose spraying against malaria

Bethel | 95timefm


Kibuku District councillors have passed a resolution opposing the government’s Indoor Residual Spraying programme, saying it is not an effective strategy to fight the high malaria cases in the area.

During the end of year council meeting chaired by the district speaker, Mr Muzamir Masiga, the councillors said they need a new strategy to combat malaria, whose positivity rate stands at between 60 and 70 percent, according to statistics from the district health department.

Mr Masiga added that the councillors opposed the IRS programme because they have not seen its impact in the district in the past seven years since it was introduced.

Kibuku is listed among districts in eastern Uganda with the highest malaria incidence rate. According to statistics from the district health department, the district registered 13,056 cases in January and 9,925 in February.

Mr Masiga said as leaders, they will continue to sensitise communities to sleep under mosquito nets and as well close doors before dark.