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Karamoja leaders ask Minister Goretti Kitutu to resign

Bethel | 95timefm Minister of Karamoja affairs Goretti Kitutu


Leaders in Karamoja have asked for the immediate resignation of the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Goretti Kitutu after her mother and brother were arrested by police for allegedly selling relief items meant for the area she is in charge of.

The leaders say the incident is “a complete shame” that items meant for Karamoja are being diverted under a senior minister’s watch.

The woman MP for Napak district Nakut Faith, who poured out her frustrations on twitter said the minister is starting to get defensive instead of admitting fault.

The MP for Bokora East Peter Ken Lochap says “the biggest obstacle to liberating Karamoja from poverty is not the regional members of parliament but wrong ministers appointed to manage the affairs of Karamoja while the NRM Vice Chairperson for Moroto district, Christine Akot adds that the Office of the Prime Minister should also take keen interest in reports that the minister in question is promoting nepotism.