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Imbalu Organizing Committee Struggling To Clear Debts

Bethel | 95timefm


The cultural committee instituted by the government to run this year’s circumcision (Imbalu) ceremony has revealed that they are struggling to clear debts with people hired to provide services during the festivities that were held at the Mutoto Cultural Ground in Mbale City on August 13.

Mr Godwin Mubuya, the chairperson of the committee in an interview said some service providers are yet to be paid because the committee lacks money.

He says they had a budget of Shs760 million, which money was to be mobilised from well-wishers but what they collected was not enough.

Mr Trimlet Muweleza, the vice chairperson of the welfare committee for Imbalu, said the minsiter of enegry and mineral developement Ms Goreti Kitutu assured them that the government would make a contribution to the festivities but this did not happen.

However, Mr Juma Masaba, an opinion leader, said the committee should provide accountability for what they did during the festivities so that they know how much is still needed to clear the debts.