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Government Threats Worsen Teachers’s Strike Crisis

By Shadrach Bethel,

Classes have remained under lock and key despite the government pressure on teachers to return to class or risk losing their jobs.
Last week, teachers under the Uganda National Teachers Union laid down their tools to compel the government to give them equitable pay across the board.

Despite the strike, some schools remained open and allowed the learners to play around the compound with headteachers reporting to schools.

The situation was different yesterday morning as many of the schools in different parts of the country were empty without learners.

This comes amidst threats from Catherine Bitarakwate, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, the Vice President, and the Minister of ICT and National Guidance to scrap the teachers off the payroll unless they return to class.

However, the government’s communication seemed to have pushed learners and headteachers further away from schools.