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Government-Sponsored Students Demand For An Increase Of Allowance

Bethel | 95timefm


Government-sponsored students in public universities are struggling to survive amidst the increasing prices of commodities.

This has forced students from Kyambogo, Gulu, and Makerere Universities to demand an increase in the living-out allowance.

At Makerere University, government-sponsored students who reside outside the university receive at least 760,000 Shillings every semester as living-out allowance to cover the cost of their accommodation and meals while those staying in halls of residence only receive a food allowance amounting to 530,000 Shillings per semester.

Last week, students of Kyambogo University wrote to the Chairperson of the University Council demanding an increment of the allowances.

Dickens Ogwal, the leader of the government-sponsored students says that due to the increase in the prices of commodities, the allowances are inadequate to sustain their stay at the university.