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Government Scientists Start Testing Of Monkey Pox

Bethel | 95timefm

By Melanie Aanyu

Government scientists have started testing for monkeypox virus internally to increase vigilance and prevention against the disease.

This comes on the backdrop of the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaration that the outbreak of monkeypox is a public health emergency of international concern.
Previously, Uganda was sending samples to South Africa for monkeypox testing because of the lack of reagents.  

 Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of Health spokesperson yesterday , dispelled fears that there could be another lockdown or mandatory vaccination against the disease.
Mr Ainebyoona said the WHO declaration means Ugandans should become more vigilant.

Monkeypox starts manifesting with flu-like symptoms, fever, headache and shortness of breath. After around two weeks, the skin rash appears on some parts of the body, usually the head and hands. The rash eventually turns into blisters filled with pus, according to information from the WHO.

Prof Pontiano Kaleebu, the director of Uganda Virus Research Institute, said they got the reagents for testing monkeypox.