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Government Probes Ethiopian Trafficking Syndicate in Kampala

By Shadrach Bethel,

Government has said that they are investigating a new criminal syndicate of Ethiopians who have started trafficking people through Uganda.

This was revealed yesterday by Agnes Igoye, the deputy coordinator of the National Prevention of Trafficking in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to her, the probe followed the arrest of an Ethiopian national called Muhammad Muhammed on trafficking charges.

The investigations led to the interception of four Ethiopians at Entebbe international airport who were reportedly being trafficked to Lebanon by the same syndicate in which Muhammad Muhammed belongs.

Igoye further revealed that some of the trafficker’s operational tactics for instance moving ahead of the victims while in transit at airports like how Muhammad Muhammad was arrested while escorting two people at Entebbe airport.

Igoye hence called upon the public to be on alert and monitor their neighbourhoods for unsuspecting persons and behaviour of people.