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Government distances self from muhoozi tweets

By: Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

The Ugandan government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has come out to clear the air about the controversial tweets by the Commander Land Forces in the UPDF in which he said he would only need two weeks with his army to capture Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

He added, “I am happy that members of our district in Kenya have responded enthusiastically to my tweet. It’s still two weeks to Nairobi.”

The comments have since left many people’s tongues wagging.

However, in a statement released this afternoon(Tuesday sept 04 2022), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it doesn’t conduct its business through social media.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to clarify that the government of the Republic of Uganda doesn’t conduct its foreign policy and other official business through social media nor does it depend on social media sources in dealing with other sovereign governments,” the statement said in part.

Following the First Son’s Twitter meltdown, several people in both Uganda have raised concern over the impact on the relations between the two neighboring and brotherly countries.

To many, the Twitter explodes could lead to bad blood between the two countries.

However, in the statement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the relations between the two countries will always remain strong.

The statement further reads, the government of the Republic of Uganda wishes to reiterate its commitment to good neighbourliness, peaceful co-existence and cooperation.”