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Government Announces Mandatory Testing For All Ugandans Flying Abroad

By Melanie Aanyu,

In the wake of increases of organ harvesting, government has announced mandatory testing for all Ugandans going abroad, especially to Middle East countries for work and those returning home because of the same purpose.

Of late, several cases of Ugandans especially the migrant workers with internal organs, mostly kidneys harvested have increased.
Media reports indicate that government has mandated the Ministry of Internal Affairs to start mandatory testing of Ugandans going abroad for work especially through labour companies and those returning home.

A May, 27, 2022 notice by the Office of the Prime Minister to all immigration officers says that all Ugandans travelling to Gulf Cooperation Council for employment will have to undergo a mandatory check for internal organs and trauma injuries before leaving the country and on landing at the airport.
However, Uganda risks losing the labour export business opportunity if these accusations continue.

The stories of Ugandan migrant workers coming back with missing organs and having been subjected to physical abuse are of grave concern to government of Uganda.

Therefore, the primary aim of government is to ensure the safety of its citizens working abroad,” the letter says in part.
According to the Office of the Prime Minister, the Internal Affairs Ministry will be setting up an authorized centre to do the checks at Bukoto at the premises of the former Kadic Hospital operated by UMC Victoria Hospital.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson, Simon Peter Mundeyi confirmed the development on Monday.
Whereas the Office of the Prime Minister notice indicated that testing will be done to those going and returning from Gulf countries, Mundeyi said all those going abroad for work irrespective of the country will be tested.

Gulf countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and this is where most Ugandans go for work abroad.