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Fourteen Sub counties In Kotido Misso Out On Food Relief Supply

Bethel | 95timefm

By Melanie Aanyu

Fourteen sub counties in Kotido district have missed out on the first batch of relief food dispatched to Karamoja as hunger deepens.

Early last week, the government kicked off relief food distribution in Karamoja sub-region following the dire food insecurity where an estimated 900 people have died of hunger.

Paul Komol Lotee, the LCV chairperson of Kotido district says that people are still struggling to find food and asks the government to expedite the procurement process because they have continued registering deaths resulting from hunger.

Lotee says that the little food they received from the office of the prime minister was only distributed to five sub-counties but did not reach every household.

According to Lotee, the district is now at a tipping point of hunger warning that the cases of death might double if the government delays with food relief.