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Flash floods displace over 4000 people

By:Melanie Aanyu

Aanyu Melanie | 95timefm

Flash floods have displaced about 5,000 people from 200 households at Kamuwunga Landing Site in Lwera, Kalungu District.

According to Mr Ronald Ssemanda, the chairperson Kamuwunga Landing Site, Lake Victoria water levels have risen in recent months, resulting in floods along the shores and surrounding areas, including Lwera swamp. The floods have destroyed homes, killed animals and also submerged gardens. 

He said the affected residents have so far relocated to Nabyewanga village in Mpigi District and Lukaya Town Council, Kalungu District.

Mr Deus Mubiru, a resident of Kamuwunga landing site, said flash floods are a new phenomenon in the area, and blames sand miners and rice growers for degrading the lake. 

He said the floods started two weeks ago after persistent heavy rains for nearly three months