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Farmers tipped on Agric practices ahead of dry spell

Bethel | 95timefm


Leaders and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry have tipped farmers on how to utilise the dry season to prepare their gardens and manage their livestock.

The Minister of State for Agriculture, Mr Fred Kyakulaga Bwino, says farmers who grow annual crops such as maize, millet, soya beans, can now harvest and dry them.

For those that deal in perennial crops such as coffee, bananas among others, the minister advised the farmers to mulch their plantations to keep the moisture that they got during the rainy season.

Mr Bwino explains that it is better to do this before the soil becomes hard and difficult to open up and towards the rainy season, prepare to plant.

The chief executive officer of the Uganda National Farmers Federation, Mr Kenneth Katungisa urged livestock farmers to use the dry season to deworm animals and destock to ensure that their land is not over grazed.