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Farmers in Kween District counting losses after heavy downpour

By Melanie Aanyu,

Hundreds of farmers in Kween district in Sebei sub-region are counting losses after a heavy downpour washed away their crops and killed several domestic animals.

Farmers there are appealing to the government to intervene and accord them the necessary support to recover from their losses.
In a related development More than 100 people in Kasese District have abandoned their homes, which got flooded following a downpour at the weekend.

The affected people are from 20 households, which were in 2020 destroyed by mudslides.

The affected homes are in the sub-counties of Kilembe and Kitholhu while other houses were affected by heavy storm in Kihalimu Cell, Central Division, Kasese Municipality.

Mr Jocknus Bazarwa, the publicity secretary for Nganji Village, explained that his office had by yesterday registered seven houses that were severely affected by mudslides.

While no deaths have been registered so far, leaders have warned people living in disaster-prone areas to leave.