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Education Minister Halts Allocation of Funds From Private Sector

By Shadrach Bethel,

The Minister of Education and Sports Janet Kataha Museveni has reportedly halted the allocation of funds and distribution of physical items that have been donated by non-state organizations in an effort to facilitate the recovery of the education sector citing foul play from ministry officials.

In November last year when Uganda prepared for school reopening, the education ministry organised a symposium with the aim of bringing together key stakeholders from the private sector to support its recovery programmes.

During the conference, a total of 34 institutions agreed to contribute support totaling to 247.9 billion shillings, with representatives from the Global Partnership for Education promising to match every shilling provided by the private sector, bringing the total to 495.8 billion shillings while others promised to provide physical items and services.

However, there have been suspicions that some officials were planning to take some of the funds and items.