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EC Suspends Women Council and Committee Elections 2022

By Melanie Aanyu,

The Electoral Commission(EC) has suspended the electoral programme for women councils and committees Elections, 2022 due to lack of funds to conduct the exercise.

In February 2022, the Electoral Commission issued a roadmap detailing the various activities to be conducted under the programme for elections.

EC chairperson, Simon Byabakama said while they had finalised the compilation of the village women residents’ register, they had been informed by the ministry of Finance that the funds required for conducting the subsequent activities under the electoral roadmap are not yet available.

Consequently, he said, all the remaining activities under the approved programme for conduct of the women councils and committees elections, starting with the nominations of candidates, which were earlier scheduled for Monday 27th June – 1st July 2022, have been suspended.

He said the commission will issue a new programme for the above electoral activities when the required additional funds are availed.
Byabakama appealed to political parties and organisations, aspiring candidates and their supporters, and all other stakeholders in these elections to remain calm as the matter of the additional funding requirements is being handled by the relevant organs of government.