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Bus drivers warned against using the road without badges

By: Melanie Aanyu

The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has cautioned drivers of buses not to step on the road if they do not have a badge with their details and route charts.

This follows an announcement last week where the police tasked bus owners to submit the particulars of their drivers to the Ministry of Works and Transport so that they can get badges.

The spokesperson of the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Faridah Nampiima, said each bus must operate on its independent route chart and the route must have time.

Adding that for any bus without the route chart, the owner must go to the Ministry of Works and Transport to rectify the issue.

Since the operation is being carried out on motorists that don’t have up-to-date driving permits, Ms Nampiima said for motorcycle riders who will be arrested for riding without driving permits, they will be issued Express Penalty Service (EPS) tickets that cost Shs40,000 and the motorcycle will be impounded until the owner clears the EPS ticket.